Thursday, May 31, 2007

To The Party Guests

This is the text (unedited) that I sent as an email to all the folks who attended the "Friends of Debra" benefit on May 10th in San Francisco at AsiaSF.

Dear Lovely People,

Time has a way these days of simply slipping through my hands, my brain, whatever! I wanted to write and thank you for being part of the benefit party at AsiaSF. I loved hearing you all sing, that was simply wonderful and made me smile for long after the phone call. I was fortunate that Pat Dunn was with me that week, to be on hand for the phone call and the festivities.

And I know you were all feted wonderfully by your hosts Skip Young and Larry Hashbarger and the ladies of AsiaSF. As they always are, Skip and Larry are the perfect hosts and I missed being there with all of you. And missed seeing how the AsiaSF version of the Kentini turned out. I am sure they were perfect. Thanks also to Kerry Heffernan and Chef Wex, to Kelsey and to Natalie, and to Bobbi and Dorian for helping at the door. And big thanks and hugs to Brenda Laribee and Kerry Enright Peachey for all their organizing. I know they all do that kind of like breathing, but it was great to have this in their capable hands, especially since I was told directly not to attempt to plan this myself. Or even get involved!!!

Over the past five months, since I heard the news of my recurrence of this pesky cancer, you have all been a great source of strength to me. I admit to a few dark days, but now I see each day as another opportunity to live fully. None of us really know how long we have on this earth. You are present with me on a daily basis. Not only with the emails and notes and yes, the amazing donations, but knowing that many of you are keeping me in your prayers, thoughts and meditations. I am not sure if it is a cancer thing, or a getting older thing, but all of this does matter more to me now than ever before.

It is interesting, as I sit in my home, typing this email to all of you at the end of a warm summer (yep, summer already) day. I feel tired but not sick today. And I just had the *big blaster* treatment on Tuesday. I have my magic bullet drugs, and I have been good about trying to rest a bit more. My blood levels are low, but not as bad as they could be and I don’t feel as weak as I have in the past. And my white count stays within normal range, barely but it hangs in there. Which is good, since I have that manicure/pedicure habit you all know about.

I truly believe in the power of positive thinking. And that has kept me going, kept me optimistic and kept me from giving in to this cancer for a lot of months now. I often visualize a web, spun of the love and compassion of friends and family. And I am so honored that you are part of this web.

Thank you all for your kindness, your generosity and your love. I am most grateful and feel privileged to know you all.

Much love,



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