Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Good News on the Numbers

Yesterday was the treatment my nurse Teri refers to as "blasting me" with the drugs.

Good news on the lab front: the CA-125 went from 309 last month to (drum roll please) 157 this month. Good sign.

Other labs doing well too, red count down but not too much, white count is just fine, low normal, but keyword is "normal".

I was totally flattened by exhaustion yesterday post treatment. I picked Sofie up from school at 3:10 and after a short break for play at home, we went for her pre-camp doctor check up. Jamie and I have decided to use our GP, Dr. Marum, for her from here on out, as her Hep B is no longer an issue. And we have a treatment "plan" for when she gets those icky herpes outbreaks near her eye. So we went to Dr. M and Sofie acted out like a wild child, hopping all over the exam table, not listening, the usual.

Dr. Marum raised the dread ADD label...and the issue of medications. Suggested an evaluation by a neuro-psychiatrist. I know this is probably a good step, but one I have been reluctant to take. But focus is so essential as part of her ability to learn in school. If the drugs could help, should we resist them so much?

The ADD thing has been raised before, discussed in IEP, with Jane, her psychologist, (who thought we should wait longer) and discussed by all of the developmental pediatricians I visited in CA (three of them) over the years from her arrival in 2002 until 2004 when we moved. Then, as a toddler, it was not an issue, the medication thing. But at nearly 7 years old, it evidently is.

I only want the best for Sofie, and goodness knows, I have had to lower my resistance to taking drugs since the cancer diagnosis. I have so many now, I cannot remember them all and have to carry a list around for when I am asked "what medications are you on". For Pete's sake, I am on a first name basis with the pharmacy folks at the place I get the drugs!! And I make weekly visits, since all of them renew on a different schedule. It is just nuts.

I said I would think about it. Will investigate the evaluation, after Dr. Marum reads her old charts, which are chock full of information about her neurological scans, etc. So much "could" be wrong, but what I see is also a bright and inquisitive kid who is impulsive, active and distractable. I want to keep the bright and inquisitive part, while diminishing the other factors. If a drug might help, well, maybe it is time.

Jamie came to the rescue last night, taking over dinner and getting to bed. I had to lie down and before I knew it, was sound asleep. Woke myself up for the shot, but otherwise, slept and slept.
Today, I feel more rested, but still could nap at any time. But I plan to go volunteer in a little while at Sofie's school for the Book Fair. She presented me with her wish list for books, and who can deny their child books? But she wanted one really baby book. Jamie said, "if she reads it, she can have it" so I asked her to read it, which she did, so book is now hers. The others on the list are better, including one on hissing snakes. And a one on Why do Cats Purr? My little animal lover.

Wish me luck today, and from here on out as I deal with this treatment and the variable side effects.

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Sue said...

Dr Weil has a good article on his site about ADD that includes dietary and other solutions that may help.