Friday, May 11, 2007

Party of the Year

Was surely held last night at AsiaSF. So many people to thank, but will start with owners Larry Hashbarger and Skip Young. Organizers Brenda Laribee, Kerry Enright Peachy, and chefs Kerry Heffernan and Jeff Wexler. Supporters Kelsey Han, Natalie Smith and Lisa Hoffman and Eileen Blumenthal. Hopefully I am not leaving any of the organizers off the list.

The phone call and singing "Simply the Best" brought tears (of laughter, joy and nostalgia for all of you) to my eyes. Mostly joy. I held the visual of you all dancing and singing on the bar, with the ladies of Asia.

I heard Assemblyman Mark Leno arrived after the performance. I am sure Mark meant to sing with all of you, really. Thanks, Mark.

I hope nobody drank too many Kentinis. Perhaps AsiaSF will make them a regular drink. I would love one next time I am in SF.

How can one woman be so lucky, so loved? I felt that all these miles away. Pat Dunn, this week's visitor, and I sat and just smiled. It is truly a blessing of gigantic proportions.

You are loved back, know that. I want to see pictures!!!!

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