Saturday, May 19, 2007

At Home

Early today, I looked out of Sofie's window (which faces the front yard and the street) and there was a gorgeous red cardinal perched on the railing on the path to the front door. He looked directly at me before deciding to fly away. Simply stunning, this symbol of NC. And they are really everywhere around here.

The weather today will be in the 70's and I wonder if the dress I have picked for Sofie for the wedding will be too sleeveless and cool for her. But she runs warm and will likely be dancing and running around all afternoon, so I guess we will be OK. I will bring a back up outfit, just in case.

I kind of gave up on the perfect wedding outfit and will settle for a nice "blend into the background" spring/summer outfit of black and white. I just rummaged through the off season closet to get shoes, which I still have not brought upstairs for the upcoming season. Found several I forgot I had, so a bit like getting a present.

The house is quiet right now, Sofie is watching cartoons a bit, it is not even 8 am but she was up before 7. We snuggled a bit, then I got restless and wanted to check on the shoe issue. I have to organize myself better! You would think being home all these months I would be the queen of neat, but I am not right now. Going up and down stairs sometimes is too tiring still, so I have that excuse, but it is pretty lame.

Next treatment cycle, when there is not a person here to help, I will simply make a list and start this process. I have to get it together, summer is all but here and I have not stored the winter clothes, have not organized the summer shoes, etc. I used to have this all together, what is up with me?

But I am realizing that I am comfortable here, at home, in NC. Even with the dreaded summer heat and humidity and bugs coming up, I think this will be a good summer.

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