Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The But....

Had chemo early this afternoon, and now home, to quickly blog and pack. Yep, I am attempting to go to a conference for work but not far, in Greensboro, about 1.5 hours tops. For two days, starting bright and early tomorrow AM.

Meeting up with friend Norma from School of Nursing there, for dinner and to catch up.

So today, I had my clinic visit before chemo. I saw Dr. Valea, who has been out more than in for the past three or four visits. But he was his lovely self today. "They" are very excited about the CA 125 numbers going down and he said, if this continues, that will be very good news for you.

And then the But...but it means you may need to stay on the medications for a while longer. What is a while? It might mean until the CA 125 is as low as it will get, under 10 perhaps. And then, I might start again if it creeps up again. Which I hope it won't but....

Scheduled treatment interruptions (thanks to HIV, I am savvy on this terminology) like a vacation would be fine, he said. But this But...reinforces what I think I know, that this cancer recurrence or whatever term they want to use, might be back in some other place, at some other time. And the CA 125 will become what I live around, to see how well I am doing.

The drug combination he is using would be not looked on all that well by colleagues, if I were not doing so well on it. So that is good, in an odd way, I suppose. I am "tolerating" it pretty well, if you don't count the rashing and vomiting/queasiness. And the drugs do make that manageable in a matter of speaking. So Yep, I am " managing" this pretty well. As long as I am drug free (except for the blood thinners) for this cruise in July, I am happy.

About the cruise: Sofie, Jamie and I got a "consideration" for the pricing on the cruise, so it made it more possible for the three of us to go. We intend to make it a very special week for Sofie, starting with a visit to the Central Park Zoo to see the gay (and now lesbian) penguins there. And more. And eat at the Ukrainian restaurant we went to last visit. And make some other memories on the ship.

We could not have planned this without the generosity of R Families cruises and even better, Laurie and Maya (who visited a few months back) will be joining us there....we are so psyched.

OK, must go back a few things and get the heck outta here. More later.

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