Friday, June 01, 2007

A Lot of Miles on Her

80,008 as of right now, to be precise. My trusty Subaru "Mom" wagon just turned over 80K miles. Where did we go, putting on these miles? A lot of commuting around the Triangle to be sure, but wow, it is a lot of mileage....

I wonder if perhaps, not for the IRS, it would be good to start and keep logging the daily miles of our lives. It would be an interesting, if sometimes tedious record of the daily and mundane travels of our existence. These days, I feel like my body needs some sort of mileage recorder, to keep track of my comings and goings, to and from Duke, UNC and child centric things.

I have been thinking lately of Hybrid vehicles, how that would be the "right" thing to do. But this will have to wait, I am not the sort of person who buys a car before I need to. The Subaru is a great car, it just did our little road trip to Washington DC and next week, we are taking a short sweet trip to the beach, to celebrate the end of the first grade! And the beginning of summer vacation!!!

Today is a good day. It is warm here now, no denying that summer has arrived. I am usually in denial, until the day the temperature in the Subaru is over 90, then I know it is here. But nothing an iced coffee (shaken if possible) cannot cure. At least temporarily.

OK, Sofie and I are heading out for the supermarket run, to pick up some fruit and to get more meds. I spend all too much time at Harris Teeter, the Safeway in these parts. I know everyone in the pharmacy by first name.

So back I go into the car, we both have a lot of miles on us these days.

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