Friday, May 25, 2007

The Debut of Summer

The weather is warming, expected to be near 90 this weekend. Still not with that horrid humidity, but the bugs are making their appearance more and more. This time of year, I find myself wishing for that screen porch again. I debate annually if this type of investment in the house would pay itself back. I tend to think no, but it would be nice to have that additional "outdoor" access without the bugs. A lot of them. I have done a few catch and release rescues and killed some outright, when I am cranky.

I love this month and even early June, for the luscious days without the relentless hot of true summer. Those days are numbered, I know, so I am taking full advantage and appreciating each perfect pre-summer day right now.

Tomorrow we are heading out on a little road trip, about four hours (plus kid stop time) to DC. Will visit with some friends from a few years ago who moved to Maryland and also go to the DC zoo and other places with Sofie. Just a nice little way of spending this weekend, and getting out and about. We come back to a gathering Monday evening with a cookout and music. So it should be lovely.

I worked all four days of this week, about 5-6 hours a day, except today. I find that I am truly tired by the end of a week still. I got labs drawn this AM and have not heard yet what they are, will call Teri about 4 PM today to see.

I am counting the weeks until the chemo is over. Not that it is all that terrible. It is sometimes, not the treatment but the damn after-treatment, but I am just done. I am tired of that focus, bored with it. And I want my life back or restarted or whatever. At work, I don't quite have the focus back yet, but I know it will come, with repetition. My colleagues are so welcoming every time they see me. How could I not want to be back there, despite the challenges of library fundraising? I have to focus, plan, focus, implement, try, try again. And be consistent. The communications part is evolving, although now I have to rehire for the communications manager, as Susan, our temp of one year, is taking a full time position with Planetree there. But we have made great progress in a year's time, considering that I was out for four months, more or less. The home page, which we don't control, is another story. But I have faith even in that changing, eventually.

So, off I go to get laundry done, to attempt organization of my closet in this transition (for real, this time) of fall/winter to spring/summer clothing. It must be nearly summer, I have been wearing nothing but slides for a month now!

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