Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Signs of recovery

The cold that would not leave my body seems to finally be on the way out. Last night, for the first time in weeks, I was able to sleep with just two pillows, not sitting up. And the best sign, one that I feel is very significant: today, for the first time in over a month, I wanted coffee, not tea. I brewed a small pot of Peet's and it is like heaven. I had been avoiding it (dairy, plus when I am sick, coffee loses it's appeal).

Today is Jamie's sixth and final treatment at Duke. I am going over there soon to hang out with her. I have to bring my car to Subaru first, but then I am spending the day with her and then she is coming to my house, I think, for supper.

Sofie is very excited that this is the last treatment for Jamie. She wants to spend more time at the condo (and probably away from me) and when Jamie begins to feel better, that will be possible. So Sofie is a happy girl.

I have just begun to use the word cancer with her. We got a kids workbook (Mom has cancer, now what do I do?) and her reaction makes me think she has known all along. Kids are smarter than us sometimes. And they listen to everything, so I am sure she has heard conversations.

Yesterday, during my regular "hit the wall" resting period, Jamie got Sofie from school and after some trampoline time (which she truly needs to blow off that last burst of kid energy), Sofie and Jamie worked on her homework, which was fractions. The homework folder comes home every Monday and goes back on Friday. Sofie got really engaged in it, Jamie was very patient, and they did all six worksheets in one sitting. A remarkable achievement for this household!!!!

Then, finally, Sofie, Jamie and I went to the Chinese restaurant for dinner, as a reward for doing all her homework so well. We still have nightly reading, but this was a good thing.

Sofie is still trying to do things that push Jamie and I together, such as suggesting we all snuggle in my bed while doing the reading. We are on to her, however. But she does seem to like it a lot when we do things as a family. Which is why we are planning to do some vacation things this year together. A beach or mountain trip, possibly some even more exciting prospects. Creating family time and memories for her.

Sipping coffee, looking out my home office window at the sunny day and listening to the sounds of morning, that is a good thing. I feel a sense of things perhaps turning. Having a cold and cough for a month is very tiring, both for the body and for the soul. I am so happy that it seems to be coming to an end. Perhaps I can figure out what I really feel like after it is gone.

Today, life is good.

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