Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Power of Steroids

I kind of understand why athletes use steroids. I get some in my "pre-meds" with the chemo and the day after, I feel kind of like superwoman. I felt great this am, full of energy, got Sofie to school after making a nutritious lunch, then took Maya to the airport. Following that, we did errands, had a nice lunch, I went to get my hair trimmed and never felt a bit tired. It is now 5:30 (almost) and I have to go help Sofie tackle her homework, never the most fun job but one that needs doing.

Jamie and I both felt the power of the steroids today. Tomorrow, I will go back to "normal" post chemo behavior, with periods of exhaustion, as my red blood count is still nowhere where it should be. But today, today I felt like I could hit one out of the park.

Tomorrow, we are taking Sofie to see Jane, the wonderful psychotherapist we found in Durham a couple of years ago. She saw Sofie for a while, and then we went on an "as needed basis". Last week, Jamie and I met with her to talk about what is going on, the things Sofie is experiencing and saying and to make a plan to start bringing her in to see Jane on a more regular basis. These are tough times for the little girl and we want her to have all the support she can get. And she loves going to see Jane, who has an extensive puppet and toy collection. And a wealth of experience with kids, so I know she is in good hands.

I am not supposed to be typing much (too much "friction" bad for the side effects of this drug) so I will stop here for now. Lasagna is thawed (thanks Sharon and Tracey) for dinner and we will have a nice evening. It was warmer today, almost up to 50 degrees but not quite. Hopefully tomorrow will still be in the mid-forties.

Day by day, that is how I am doing it.

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