Saturday, August 18, 2007


A lazy, slow Saturday morning. A rare occurrence, really, in my life. Sofie is still at camp until tomorrow. My friend Barbara is on her way to visit me, but won't be here for a couple of hours. So I slept late (nearly 8 AM, trust me, late by my standards). And now, with a cup of coffee nearby, I have been just doing a bit of stuff on the computer, and thinking about all the things I have to do here at home, in this last day of "freedom".

It has been interesting, I miss Sofie, but not in a terrible way, and I have loved having unlimited time to myself. I have craved it actually. Unfortunately, a lot of the time has been used for sleep, but even with that, I have enjoyed having time to putter in my house, not really have a directed purpose, other than the constant attempts to try to be more organized. But it has been mellow and good.

I have been going through "stuff" of all kinds, the other day it was a box of jewelry I haven't worn in years. Why is it that something seems to be so very appealing in the buying process and years later is all but forgotten or somehow just not right anymore? So I have decided to re-purpose some of my stuff to other people before I am not around to make those choices. I started with a pair of earrings I got some time in the mid-1980's I think....beautiful dangling earrings in purple with gold moons and stars. I loved them so much I spent much more than I should have at the time. They are still lovely but somehow just not me anymore. But they had a work colleague's name written all over them. So, not knowing if she would find it weird or not, I gave them to her yesterday. She loved them, they look totally perfect on her and I was so happy to have found them a good home.

This is something I think I need to do more of, passing things along or simply shedding them. Not only for the physical clutter they can cause, but also because I am understanding more deeply than I have ever before, my stuff is not who I am. Not the papers I have have saved of my work product, not the clothing I barely wear anymore, not any of that. My stuff is just stuff.

I got rid of a lot of stuff, or so I thought, when I moved to NC. But somehow, what I brought and what I have acquired still spills over and overwhelms me. So more de-cluttering is in order.

Barbara has said she will help me today, and working with a friend might make some of this easier to do. Sometimes I get a little mushy and find it hard to let go. Cards, little notes, things like that.

It doesn't mean I have gone all non materialistic, but these days, the treasures I care most about are the human ones.

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