Thursday, August 23, 2007

15 Hours Later

So, last night the mood was pragmatism and all reality and probably sounded sad and discouraging. I have received a bunch of emails from friends and family who all sounded sad. And I was, for certain. But then another day dawned.

And I got up and went to work, attending a lively meeting of the Library Management Council, (LMC) with interesting updates. And when I am at work, I feel renewed a bit, and want to be there. I want to contribute more, but overall, I want to keep working a while more, until I figure out how to leave at least a little mark that I was ever here.

I had a good and honest meeting (weekly type) with my boss later this same day. I am a fortunate person and we kept working at what *can* I do. And she came up with capacity building (for the Library) in terms of re-building the Board, keeping on with established relationships and trying to get us to the next level. Those words, capacity building, lit a little spark in me. It is what I used to do in my consultant role for other organizations, it is what I was good at, and perhaps it is what I can do here to help me move forward, help the Library in a positive way and leave a little Debra legacy.

It is important to me that I do that, leave a little of myself here. I have come to really like this place, it has been so good to me and when I come here and do some work, I feel more alive than the previous blog would have you believe.

So this is just a little update for right this moment, to let ya'll know that I am still OK. Hang in with me, folks, it is going to be a bumpy ride, I am sure, but there is still plenty of ride left!


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