Wednesday, July 04, 2007

How I Celebrated the 4th of July

Last minute packing! Actually, the re-arranging of things, one switch of shoes, one more look for my beach/water shoes (to no avail, where the heck are they?) and a lovely BBQ lunch outside with Deb, our current house guest.

Sofie has made her toy choices, I had to set some limits on the stuffed toys she wanted. But she has some that she loves (snakes (2 ), foxes (2) and a tiger (1). Also art stuff, a box of UNO cards and of course, blankie. Unwashed and disgusting as usual, the way she likes it.

Doubtful we will need lots of toys, I am sneaking in some of her reading practice books and one chapter book for us to read to her. We should have plenty of fun stuff to do, plus swimming to keep her happy and contented.

We might go to FAO Schwartz in NYC, if we dare. Or the giant Toys R Us, but mostly we plan to be mellow, eat NYC foods (pizza, real bagels and of course, Ukrainian, doesn't everyone eat that?). And we are excitedly looking forward to Saturday at noon, when we can board "our ship" and begin this cruise we have talked about for months.

I feel positively blessed today, a perfect day, not too hot, slight breeze, a wonderful friend visiting and I am packed. Well, mostly.

Bon Voyage to us. We hope to take lots of photos and write in our blogs (but will publish them when we are back, since it is expensive to access the Internet on board). If we dock and happen to see a Starbucks, well, then maybe. If the wireless is free!

Yay, we are so excited. Can you tell?


Dave Robb said...

Have a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

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