Saturday, June 30, 2007

Help for the Packing Challenged

Today is my day to pack for the trip, Jamie is with Sofie all day. It should take less than two hours, right? It is one week, casual, and I am trying not to overpack. I have had a list for nearly a month now. But I can feel items sneaking on to the list....the cool Frameline T-shirt Alan just sent to me. The "extra" pair of slides that look nice with black pants. I am going to lay all the stuff out on the bed, and really try hard NOT to overpack. I need a 12-step group, but too late for this trip.

Last night, since Jamie had Sofie then too, I went out to Squids (my favorite after Friday work day place) with Betty Prioux and although their claim to fame (especially at happy hour on Fridays) is a peck of raw oysters, we sat at the regular tables and shared an amazing dinner of calamari followed by lobster. It has been at least ten years since I have eaten a lobster. Since that time, they have gone way up in price, but I still loved the taste. And half was plenty, it is filling. Then, since it was only a bit before 7 when we finished, we decided to see Evening, which had just opened. I heard the reviewers were so so, but the cast alone was worth seeing. I rarely let a reviewer, especially a male who reviews a "women's film", guide my choices.

The 7:30 show was totally sold out, the first time this has happened to me in this area. So we took a deep breath and got tickets to the 10 PM show, and sat at Starbucks for a long time, chatting and drinking coffee to help us stay awake. We left the theater at about 12:20 AM. The film was exquisite. That is about the best one word I can come up with. Not perfect, but lovely both visually and for the performances. I am always amazed at actors who are British or Australian who speak with American accents.

OK, no more procrastination, it is upstairs for me, to do the packing. Wish me luck.

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