Saturday, July 07, 2007

Lucky Sevens!

Today is 07/07/07 and today we all got on the boat. It was a bit chaotic but also similar to lines at Disney, long ones. Our luggage was left with the red tags on it, and will be delivered later. Sofie's swimsuit is packed in the carry on bag...she is determined to jump in and swim right away, we have been telling her for weeks about the kid's pool and the water slides! We are a bit overwhelmed I think, by how big the ship is, but it is beautiful and we have a great room. We have a little balcony, overlooking the port right now, but soon, we will see ocean and maybe dolphins! Space is small and efficient, but there is plenty of room in the closet and dresser drawers (all three of them) for our stuff. I hope I have not brought too much. Laurie and Maya are right across the hall, they don't have windows or even portholes, so Laurie asked for visitors rights to our balcony. Of course, it looks perfect for reading and relaxing. This evening is the first show, a Broadway revue type thing. I love that stuff, I cut my theater teeth on Broadway shows as a kid, so I am ready and excited about it. Rosie will host. I have no idea at this point how visible she will be on the cruise, in the HBO documentary "All Aboard!" she seemed to be out and about a lot. I will try to keep notes on this fabulous vacation as it unfolds. Jamie has brought great stuff to decorate our door, so our lives will be an open book for the room stewards and everyone on the ninth level. The staff here are so nice, and they not only make up the room, they have nightly turndown service. Ah, vacation.

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