Friday, July 06, 2007

Truly, Really on Vacation

We are in NYC, at the Manhattan Club, right across the street from Carnegie Hall! I still feel like an educated tourist, but I am liking it here much more than I recall from summers as a high schooler coming into Manhattan.

We are spending two nights here before boarding the Norwegian Dawn, our cruise ship!!! We are beyond excited, Sofie is too.

Sofie and Jamie went to the Central Park zoo today, to see penguins Roy, Silo and Tango from her book, Tango Makes Three. And I took a lovely tour of this facility. I would love to come to NYC more, now that I live on the East Coast. Perhaps I will do that, in the future.

We are chillin' right now, and then I am taking Sofie to Times Square to the giant Toys R Us, and see her first ever Broadway play, Mary Poppins. We got two free tickets, Jamie is visiting her friend Bec tonight, so we are taking this little risk and going. Worst case, we leave before the show is over if she is exhausted or tired. But I hope she will love it as I loved going to theaters when I was a kid. I want to share the experiences I loved with her.

Sofie is still a challenge to travel with. Her restaurant manners are still terrible, as evidenced by lunch Veslelka, the Ukrainian place on the lower east side. We actually had a great meal, very authentic, and she loved the beef stroganoff. But her wiggling got to me somewhere along the meal. Jamie and I shared our food, perogi's of all sorts and soup (cold borscht for me, yum) and a small blintz with raspberries for dessert. We were stuffed and happy. No dinner will be needed tonight!

We even had a celebrity sighting: Chole Sevingny from "Big Love". By the end of the meal we were sure it was her, although she looked younger and more "ordinary" than on TV of course.

OK, it is time to get out the door, so this is it for today. Will keep up the blog during the cruise and post after we return to land.

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