Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Blog from the Boat

This is the first day I have visited the Internet Cafe here on the Norwegian Dawn. Which says a lot, since our cabin is on the same corridor as the cafe! It has truly been a relaxing time so far, from a lovely first evening of Broadway show music to tonight, when we plus Laurie and Maya (friends from CA) went to have dinner together, Teppanyaki style (like Benihana). There is a big party tonight on the private island, but we have heard the rumors about the bugs at night, so we are declining. Sofie and Jamie are on board, "exploring" parts of the ship. We spent the whole day with her today, no Kids Crew (her request) and she swam, swam, swam for several hours earlier, then lunch and then we took a family nap. It has been like that, doing things that make us happy, but not going crazy.

We disembarked at Key West yesterday, it was HOT and humid and full of tourista stuff. I remembered my first Olivia cruise, where I loved riding around on bikes, but that was in February or March and I had forgotten that part. The weather was so hot that we ran in and out of tacky souvenir stores just to cool off. Had a key lime slushie and a key lime cupcake (theme developing here) and Sofie picked out a very lovely snow globe to bring home. And then we got back on the ship.

One of the best features for kids here is the Kids Cafe, where they serve themselves and also can sit at the little tables (with or without parents). My knees tried it one time, but that was it, I could barely get off the stool!

This is truly the way life should be in terms of families. There are lots of gay dads with babies, many kids of color with Caucasian parents, and all sorts of assorted aunts, uncles, grandparents and more. All with a Broadway flair thanks to Rosie's passion for all things Broadway.

Sofie has been quite assertive about what she wants to do, gets outvoted occasionally when we want to see an evening show or go to a workshop. She told Jamie that the world was "this much" (arms opened wide) about her and "this much" (fingers showing about an inch of space) about us. Uh huh.

We are at sea for a few days and then this magical time will end, all too soon. I have another book to read and more tan to work on. I have spent the time here hardly thinking about cancer at all, I don't talk about it to folks although our very fabulous decorated door, thanks to Jamie's creativity, has been viewed by many. But I had decided to be mostly "cancer free" in my time here and that has been great.

OK, I will post more completely when we are home. Meanwhile, hugs to all, especially to Ellen and I will share more of the silly, fun stuff later.

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