Sunday, June 03, 2007

Just Tired

Not in a terrible way, but this weekend, I just felt draggy. Betty and Jamie and I went out Friday PM to see Waitress, a sweet Indie film that actually has been getting good reviews pretty much all around. It was (no pun intended) well, sweet. And sad to know the very talented director had been murdered. Life isn't fair.

Betty and I went for decaf and dessert (really just an excuse to talk more) and I got home around 11:30!!! Not bad for this chemo gal.

Jamie took Sofie home from childcare that night, and whooo hooo, I slept in on Saturday until nearly 8:30 AM, which for me is plenty late. I got going on the first "project" on my list, the cleaning out of the fridge. I usually keep up with it pretty well, but lately had fallen behind, what with guests and all, so I purged things, wiped it all down, you know, pretty much got in in shape as if I were selling the house. I *detail* a refrigerator, when I clean it. I was kind of tired after, so I rested a bit, then began on project number two: finally getting the fall/winter clothing out of my closet so there is room for the paltry collection of summer clothing! This took a while, and I attempted to watch The Last King of Scotland while doing it, but that film required more attention, so I gave that up for the typical home show as background (not to mention inspiration). I made great progress, until about time to get Sofie back, and then I stopped short of getting all the wintery stuff downstairs to the guest room closet where I keep it during the "off" season.

Today, it was raining when we woke up (pouring down hard) and I still made her get going and get dressed to go to ERUUF. We had Children's Chapel first, then I joined the grown ups and she went to a "make your own Chalice" workshop. We reunited after and went to pick up the makings of chocolate cupcakes, as Sofie had decided to throw a birthday bash for one of her animals this evening. We had fun making cupcakes and then settled down (since I was so sleepy) to watch a few episodes of Scooby Doo while awaiting her playdate. Then off to Lucie's for a few hours. Blessedly, they fed her dinner, I finished watching my film (I am not good at violent films, but it was good) and then she came home in time to shower and decorate the cupcakes for the party. It is amazing how this showering thing has evolved in the past two weeks.

From needing to be coaxed into the shower, she is now all about "I need my privacy, I can do it myself". Except I was needed to make the water warmer. And to find more shampoo. And more body soap. But after that, she came out smelling sweet, all clean and with hair needing combing.

Finally after the chocolate cupcake fest, we were snuggled in bed and I had her read to me, then I read two books to her. And before 9, I was done for the night. I am just tired today, I think it is mostly post chemo, I was barfy this AM too. And that was none too pleasant. But I made it through another day, albeit a kind of boring one. But sometimes boring is not all that bad. I am finally at this ripe old age, learning that I can have a lazy weekend and I don't have to feel guilty!

So another week is approaching, with Sue H arriving (yipppeeee) tomorrow PM and chemo on Tuesday again. But it will all be fine, I think, this week. I just have to pace myself. It is cumulative they say, the side effects, so I should not be surprised to feel kind of sick from it all. But I will get through this next one and then there is only one more set of treatments in the month of June. So there. Even if they continue into the summer, I have gotten almost to that milestone.

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