Friday, June 29, 2007

Pesky Little White Blood Count

So, we are in pre-vacation mode, with packing lists galore, and trying to make sure we don't forget anything, yet still pack light. This past week was supposed to be chemo number 12 of the six cycle, two treatments per cycle regimen.

So Monday I feel totally punk. I get to the lab and have the blood drawn, leaving the port accessed for Tuesday's chemotherapy. We have a nice system, so I don't have to be stuck twice. Anyway, the new person sticks me and the blood doesn't flow back into the syringe. Never happened before, but she is training (Duke is a teaching hospital, so you just know this stuff happens). After a couple of exercise like moves (right hand up in the air, head turned to the left, cough, etc), the blood flows out and all is well. I am lightheaded by now.

I get to the parking deck and kind of sit there, wondering whether or not to go to Chapel Hill or back home. I finally call work and say I am not coming in. I get home and immediately crash into a deep sleep, which only the phone ringing an hour or so later can wake me.

I felt kind of punk all day, just tired, queasy and out of sorts.....then I got "the call" from Teri. White counts too low to treat me on Tuesday!! Did that stop me from getting my nails done the next day? Of course not.

On Wednesday I had yet another clinic appointment, at the coagulation clinic this time. Lots of hurry up and wait, but I was there for a full check up and discussion of the blood levels. Suffice to say I am on that injectable stuff for a while more, we might move to the pills (first to see how they work, which means frequent blood draws again while they are regulating me).

Thursday and Friday (today) I have been at work. The good things about the missed chemo are less nausea and more time to feel better *before* getting on the ship!!! And the chemo I have had has left me with little hair to shave pre-cruise on my legs or arms. A nice bonus, that.

Packing light. Packing light. My mantra. Tomorrow, we will see how it works (or if it does!!!). So excited about this vacation. Cannot wait to take off for NYC, where we will go see the gay penguins in the Central Park Zoo and eat Ukranian food (two examples of our plans) while pacing ourselves, not too much to do since we are on vacation, not "real life".

I procrastinated until the last possible moment then went ahead and ordered a beach cover-up. That is what they call them, but more like a tent for my body. But the bathing suit in public issue looms only a week away and I chickened out from just wearing it with shorts to the pool. I want cover!!!

Sofie is getting quite excited as well, and is doing a lot of drawing at her camp. Snakes mostly. We are so not surprised. She likes camp.

When we get home, we have to move quickly into gear to get her 7th birthday party going on, a pool party at the condo. Rain date and all (it is that time of the year).

Personally, I love those summer storms. They soak the garden so I don't have to, and make life easier of course, eliminating a watering or two. And they are heavy enough sometimes to rinse off the dusty car.

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