Saturday, June 23, 2007

Bad Haircut

I have been meaning to blog a bit about this, for the past two weeks. But the life issues have gotten in the way. About two weeks ago, I went to get color back in my fading back to grey hair and since it needed a trim, went ahead (with a new person) to get it cut. It was a disaster! I was wearing glasses so they were off and I could not see what she was doing. By the time it was done, it was too short, and when it dried, almost looked like a (dread the thought) mullet in the back. I went back to have it "fixed" in the back, which helped some, but it is just not the nice, curly top of hair I had last month. I know it will grow, but I feel like a shorn poodle sometimes.

To try to take other's minds off the bad haircut (which most don't seem to even notice, but I know), I have been dressing a bit more for work, I got several new skirts (yes, skirts, which I never, ever wear in the fall/winter), and have been wearing them to stay summery cool. And I have to admit, I kind of like them. Kind of girlie, I know, but what can I say? It is working for me right now.

I have made a total packing list for the upcoming cruise, to help me keep from my usual over packing obsession. I am really trying this time, not to overdo it. The cruise is more casual than some, and there is "freestyle dining" so no formal dinners with a particular group of folks. Should be quite fun, I think.

Sofie is easy to pack, her whole list will fit in such a small space, since her clothing is so little. Bringing a lot of bathing suits for her, since this little fish girl will want to be in the water a lot, we bet.

Only two weeks to go! Very exciting, I am finding it hard to stay focused (at work, at home on projects, whatever), and I know that I am really looking forward to this vacation. It has been since 2004, fall, that I have been on a vacation that is not visiting friends and family (not that those haven't been fun, but not as relaxing as being on an upper deck with a cool drink and a good book). I have had tons of time off, but that simply isn't the same, not the same mindset, anyway. And honestly, having cancer is a half time job in itself, it takes time for all the appointments, managing the drugs, etc. So I am very ready and getting excited about having to actually pack this stuff up.

Deb McSmith will be arriving right before we leave, so we should have a nice visit for a few days. She has been in Thailand and Cambodia, among other locales, and will have great tales to tell. And after those climates, our weather won't seem all that hot and humid, perhaps.

OK, two weeks to encourage my hair to grow. I think I will go back to the herbs I took when I was bald, to encourage the hair growth!

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Musings of a Personal Kind said...

My dear, you're so right. Hair will grow and I thank all the gods that be for that because I've had so many bad haircuts in my life. In fact, I'm letting my hari grow long again because I'm so sick of getting bad haircuts. In two weeks, you'll be thrilled with the haircut! Hugs galore...B