Thursday, June 07, 2007

The L Word

No, not the hot Showtime drama (comedy?) but *Lice*. Head lice. The school gave the call yesterday. Three of Sofie's friends, not classmates, are infested. Infested, doesn't that just say it all? I have lived in dread fear of this for years, since she began childcare. She managed to get through one family day care and two preschools without so much as a nit, but today, three girls were positively ID'ed. Our friend Susan's daughter Emma's classroom is evidently ground zero for this attack.

Sofie did not complain of any itching yesterday or today, but we also did not wash hair last night. Ashely her sitter is coming this evening and will be in charge of the bathing. I guess I had better alert her too, but I hope she doesn't bail.

And of course, tomorrow we are to leave for two days at the beach, to celebrate the official beginning of summer, camp, etc. Oh joy, do we have to first do a round of Rid to make sure that we don't infest the entire motel? Eeeeeeeewwwwww.

I have toughed out vomit, bloody knees and this week, her trials and tribulations as she is about to loose her first tooth. But head lice, that is another story. On a normal day I guess I would just deal with it, but today is hardly normal, I have spent most of the day trying not to feel nauseous. I woke up this way, did not throw up but could not quite chase the very tired/very queasy feelings. And when I drove Sue to Raleigh to catch a bus to Wilmington so she can connect with her sister who is there, I felt like I was driving kind of in slow motion, not very clear. I ate something and that helped a bit, but still I feel spacey and it is not fun.

Next week, I hope that I will feel fine enough to go to work Monday and all week. I am eager to move forward, but this stopping and starting for treatment challenges is getting in the way. Carol (my boss) is being saint-like, but I am sure she is frustrated too. And time is slipping away.

Sofie starts camp on Monday, which is another challenge of packing the right foods, the right snacks and an assortment of clothing changes: bathing suits, flip flops for pool, long pants, socks and a shirt for ice skating, not to mention the very cool skates that Uncle Alan got for her on e-Bay. They are way cool, very girl skater-ish and she loved them. And I must not forget the towel, evidently the camp fee does not include one dry towel a day.

This packing and unpacking ritual is repeated daily for all the weeks of camp. Lather, rinse, repeat. Lather, rinse, repeat.

And this is why I get up early most days, so I don't forget a snack or a towel or whatever I am supposed to pack.

I guess I am just in whine mode this afternoon. Lice will do that to a person.

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