Saturday, March 24, 2007

What a Boring Not Fun Day

Not my idea, the title is from something Ms. Sofie said late this evening. "I hardly had any fun today at all" she complained at dinner.

OK, you be the decider:

From 7:30 AM until about 11:30 she played with Avery (an almost five year honey of a boy who did a sleep over). First, they played in her room, then they watch Disney cartoons for short while, then Sofie made pancakes (she is getting really good at flipping them), then they got dressed and went out to the trampoline where they played and jumped for over 1.5 hours....then they were joined briefly by Avery's 7 year old sister Olivia, who came with Dad Matt to pick Avery up. Did I mention Avery was a sweetheart? It made me kind of miss the little brother I always intended for her to have that she is no way having now. Funny digression...the kids were up until nearly ten PM giggling and playing in Sofie's room, then finally slept. About 4 AM, Avery came into my room. He had gone to the bathroom and he said "but now I cannot go back to sleep in Sofie's room". So he slept with me. I went into Sofie's room after he fell back to sleep and I had to stifle a laugh...he literally could not sleep there in the bottom double bed because Ms. Sofia had tossed herself diagonally across the bed, leaving no room for the poor boy!

After the bouncing and pancakes, Sofie went to her ice skating lesson (a half hour) and then did free skate for nearly another half hour. After this, we joined friends in a local sports bar (nicer than that sounds) and had a late lunch and watched the Duke girls play Rutgers in what must be one of their worst games ever. It was so painful to watch that loss, especially at the end when Harding missed two shots. It had to be even more painful for her, but she did not lose that game, it was a team effort. Bales did her best, but she could not save that game. Very sad.

After the excitement of the game, and a huge brownie and ice cream dessert to keep Sofie quiet the last 30 minutes or so, we went home where I collapsed, Jamie went on a mercy mission for me to Costco (I have to bring bagels tomorrow to a brunch) and Sofie watched one of her favorite Scooby Doo movies. I told her to wake me when it was over, which turned out to be 6:40 PM!

I quickly made her a bath, where she played happily until it was hair washing time, then we had a late supper (Jamie cooked!) and she then played a bit more until she was urged to brush teeth and get into bed for stories. Three books later, Jamie finally emerged from the room.

So, as you can see, a very boring, not fun day. What on earth about tomorrow? We don't have plans for the circus or anything "really fun" other than a Triangle Families play date at Duke Park, so I guess it will be another day of tedium for the girl. Not for me, I am going as fast as I can! And I am getting ready for another round of chemo next week.

Overall, this past week, the nausea and vomiting abated, the neuropathy in my right foot is very minimal and I am not (knock wood) yet losing hair. I call that a good week, myself. And hardly boring.

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