Thursday, March 22, 2007

A (Perfect) Ordinary Day

I try to keep my mind open about the positive things about having this cancer recurrence. One recent nice surprise is that most of the pants that did not fit me last spring now do, and I have been delighting in trying them on and realizing that they fit (some are even loose). Finally, the cancer weight-loss diet plan is working. Last year, it was all I could do to not gain weight during the treatments.

Another wonderful thing about being home is that I sometimes get to experience what life might be like if I were one of those moms who did not have to work full time. That includes being able to have lunch with Sofie at her school during the week for no special reason! The school encourages parents to join their children for lunch during the week, but I have rarely been able to do this, seeing as my work is in Chapel Hill and her lunch time is 11:15 in the morning (way too early for me, but they burn off a lot of energy just being kids).

So this past Tuesday, on what was a perfectly beautiful spring day (warm, but not hot, and sunny with all sorts of spring allergens blooming madly), I told Sofie I would meet her for lunch. I asked her what kind of lunch she would like. She did not hesitate: "Sushi, and hot tea!!". So there you have it, my daughter is making me so proud.

I stopped at Whole Foods before lunch and got the sushi (more of a mixed platter, with her getting the maguro and salmon rolls) and also got edamame. I brought a mug of hot tea as well.

I set it all up in the cafeteria so that when her class arrived (she appeared to be the line leader that day), she lit up with delight! We sat and had sort of a sushi picnic. Many of the kids seemed fascinated by her food, most had never tasted sushi ever. Or the edamame. There was plenty of that to share, so Sofie passed it around. The kids loved shelling it and tasting it. One kid was planning to plant hers (I did not want to burst her bubble and let her know that cooked edamame was unlikely to sprout). I felt like I had brought a small cultural expansion to the class that day. Sofie was so proud I was there, and ate well, something that she is doing a lot more of these days. Although her manners still need a lot of work, she is eating more food, another growth spurt must be in the offing.

After lunch, I went home, since I had not slept well the night before. I crashed for a few hours and that felt lovely. Then Jamie came to get Boone to take him to the vet for his check up. I kind of lazed about the rest of the afternoon, what a slug. But I tend to follow my body's lead these days and it was tired.

The days are more likely to be in the 60's and 70's, even up to 80 this week and the upcoming weeks. I headed to work yesterday and spent five hours there, in two short meetings, and then clearing out literally 1000 emails. I had 1871 in the in box when I arrived (I have read a bunch online from home, but you cannot clear them out or file them as well as I could at the office).

My mom arrives mid-week next week, just after treatment cycle two starts. She will be here for one of the treatments and for the Friday preceeding Spring break when Sofie is off from school. Not quite sure what we will do that day, hopefully something we can do outside, a picnic or something.

I am torn about going back to the office more. I was totally exhausted yesterday evening from only five hours of not all that much activity (but lots of chat and computer stuff). But I need to get my head wrapped around going back at least part time. I miss people, there is stuff to do and my boss Carol has been more than patient. Assuming I can get a good handle on the rashing and the nausea, I can manage those things and go back at least part time.

Which in the long run might be good for them, for me and in general.

But it is hard to tear myself away from my home in this part of the year, I am content many days to be slow, read, watch Ellen and/or Rosie (aka The View) or Oprah and just be glad to be alive.

Yesterday, to make a lovely ending to a nice day, I had a pot of beautful tulips waiting for me at my door. The card was simple "With love from your Academy of Friends Family". That is what a lot of this has been for me, accepting with joy and grace, the love from all sorts of parts of my extended family.

PS: I recommend that everyone click on the link to Jamie's blog and read about Sofie and her newly discovered love of basketball. Go Duke! Go Carolina! Go NC State!

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