Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Golden Light

This is just a brief posting. Today, day right after chemo day, was a great one. Pumped still on the steroids from yesterday and taking the anti-nausea meds, I felt great. Could not sleep last night until nearly 2 AM, but woke at 7 all bright eyed and ready to go.

Had a great Polarity session again today with Janice. I don't claim to understand it all, but this sort of energy work is terrific. Several weeks ago, I was teary and knew in my "gut" that the treatment (Doxil) was not working. And I was right. Today, I went in feeling just wonderful and the session was so energizing. At the end, I was visualizing a golden light coming from my heart, which to me represents the love I have both received and been blessed to give. I often see various "auras" or lights during her sessions, but this was unique and very soothing and wonderful.

Went to dinner with Tracey and Sharon at a local ninth street place with Sofie, who fussed and tantrumed and was obnoxious. Still very demanding and wanted to eat chips and queso even after her meal was served. I held my ground but she made the meal not much fun. So when we got home, I was surprised when she spontaneously apologized for her bad behaviour at the restaurant. Maybe this is a good sign that she might be getting more self aware.

Overall, I expect tomorrow to be a queasy day and I might or might not go into work, depending on the early morning experience. Mom comes tomorrow PM, and I should also spend an hour or so picking up the place to make it less messy. It can get out of hand quickly. The cleaning folks come next week, so it is up to me.

But back to the golden light. I really do feel this sense of love pouring out of me, more than ever before in my life. It is such a great feeling I don't want to lose it. It is directed to all of you who are part of the net, the net that makes me know I can feel safe in this journey, no matter what. Whether you are near or far, writing a lot or not much at all, know that your presence is welcomed by me, and embraced. With golden light from my heart.

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