Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Kind of Blah Day

So after a few weeks of weather in the 70's to 80's, the weather got all cold and rainy today. I suspect it is because last weekend I carefully pulled all her shorts and short sleeved shirts from the storage and brought them upstairs. Although it is only March, it really was short/skort weather for a while there.

I had planned to try to go into work again today, but the queasy feeling upon awakening combined with the drizzle discouraged me, real fast. Which turned out to be a good choice, I also was having some of that chemo related GI distress I am so not fond of. TMI, probably, so I will stop here.

I got some writing done from home and also attempted to pick up the house a bit more in anticipation of Mom's arrival this evening. The guest room is fine, but the quantities of cat hair everywhere are a bit daunting and she is a dog person, not a cat person, so I try to "de-cat" the place as much as I am able. The cats are not cooperating, it is the shedding season. I brushed Gracie for half an hour the other day and could have made a whole other cat with the hair.

Sofie is being very cute about trying to gather up toys she doesn't play with anymore so we can get rid of them. She wanted to have a yard sale, but we don't have the quantity nor the location to be successful. We will probably bring some things to her old preschool, they are having a fundraising yard sale next month, I think. So that might be best. It is another sign she is growing up and "getting it" about needing to get rid of some toys before we add more. And there is really no place to add anything, as any of the recent visitors can attest.

Actually, this summer, I am going to upgrade her room a bit, making it less little girl and more big girl. She wants her room red, which is a bit over the top, but I think I will paint the walls that are pale yellow (from her old nursery colors) and make the rest blue. And put up some shelves to hold her growing collections of snow globes and now she wants to collect bobble heads. Why? I have no idea, but her friend Abby has some and I think that is the primary motivation. She is doing more "girl bonding" these days. She still is a little girl to me, but she is more and more wanting to feel more independent and grown up. And she tells me, in no uncertain terms, when I am crossing a line: "Mom, I can do that myself" I hear it all the time now. I am having early empty nest anticipations and I don't like it!!! I still think of her as my baby.

So, we have about three hours to go until we pick up Mom, and have to finish her writing homework. So this is a good time to stop. Tomorrow is another day as Scarlett would say,
and will provide time for Mom and I to visit.

I have the heat on, when I was using the air conditioner just two days ago. So weird.

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