Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Uncommon Cold

So just when I thought perhaps I was turning the corner and feeling a bit better, when I was felled by the common cold. A chest cold, plain and ordinary with mucus and lots of tissues needed. Bummer. It makes me want to just pull the covers up around me and sleep until I cannot sleep anymore!

Every time I get one of these colds, I have to wonder, when they are thinking of alternative fuels, why haven't they considered mucus? I must have generated three gallons yesterday alone, and surely if they could figure out a way to convert that to fuel for vehicles it would solve at least part of the energy crisis. And make people like me, with these stuffy heads and constantly dripping noses feel they were contributing to the greater good. Just a thought.

My friend CJ is visiting from Colorado, just here for a few days added on to a work trip. I have known about this visit for over a month, but did not imagine I would be so incapacitated during this time. She has been wonderful, helping entertain Sofie and do the bath, and we have been catching up. She is in a great place and is just glowing. When you have known someone for so many years, it just makes me feel great to see her in this positive place in her life. We have known each other about 20 years, I think, give or take, from the old Festival circuit. And seeing her now, in such a solid place, at peace and truly happy, is so great.

Today is treatment number ten of fifteen planned radiations. Over the hump and into the home stretch. They (the radiation folks) are the nicest, most efficient folks I have encountered at Duke. Always pleasant, always on time and just caring. Yesterday, I was in a pretty shaky place when I went to radiation, having not eaten much all day and having thrown up what little I did manage to eat. So I got there and they were all soothing and wonderful. I actually will miss seeing them when I am done. But there may be future rounds of radiation, especially if it works as it seems to be doing, on the pain. The tumor area is still kind of bulgy and big (hence the name "the brick") but the pain is definitely lessened and doesn't even kick in sometimes until the afternoon, when I am getting tired. So in the mornings now, I don't even have to take the Vicodin anymore most days. Score!

I am hoping that taking Sudafed and other over the counter meds will kick this cold or at least most of the nasty symptoms out of my body quickly, especially before the travel planned for next week. Thanksgiving airline travel is challenging enough without having a head cold to add to the excitement.

Thanks to everyone who sent little encouraging emails to me. I hope to be getting out of this place of tiredness and general blahs soon and celebrating with my brother David and his family. They have all sorts of kid-centric ideas for the four day visit, so hopefully Sofie will have a great time. I cannot wait to see the kids and my littlest nephew Will, who just turned two. He was only three weeks old the last time I saw him.

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