Thursday, November 08, 2007

Each Day is Different

Oh, yeah, how true. Yesterday, I experimented with not taking pain pills first thing, so I might assess if the pills were making me nauseous. I have to say, the experiment wasn't all that revealing. I was sitting right here, about this time (6:30 AM) and emailing, when all of a sudden, waves of nausea. I just did what anyone in the situation would do, and puked my guts up into the trash can. I am getting rather good at this, sad to say. But when the puking was done, I admit I felt better, a bit. So I took on a project that has been on my "To Do" list for the past few days: Changing out the cat litter box. I scoop on a regular basis but it needed total changing. I hadn't been able to get near it the past few days, but what the heck, I had already puked, right? So I did a great job if I do say so myself.

Later in the day, I got a few other things off my list, including taking a box to UPS and picking up clothing at the dry cleaners. None of these things are monumental, but sometimes they feel that way.

The day went OK, pretty much. I was hungry and finally ate something about 2 PM. I also broke down and took one pain pill in the afternoon, but overall, it was a better day for pain. Don't know it that is because of the radiation, as I have only been zapped a few times so far, but maybe. Or maybe it was just a better day.

Later in the evening, I was able to eat a few fork fulls of baked ziti, which was kindly delivered to us by a school parent who offered to bring us dinner. I barely know her, but she wanted to do this. It was delicious, I was able to be off the cooking hook again for Sofie and it worked out so well. I am trying to be open to all the generous offers of friends and near strangers!

Today, I am having a massage in the AM. I really need this, I am tense a lot in the shoulders and neck as well as the new location of my jaw from this clenching thing. Not fun. I don't have a lot on my To Do list today, but will attempt a few things before radiation, then try to nap a bit before getting Sofie. Even short naps of an hour or so help.

Betty and Delma are coming over this PM, with dinner of some sort, and will help me with the bathing and general stuff with Sofie. These days, I find myself needing this help more and more, which worries me. I did not expect to be so debilitated at this time. I am hoping this nausea thing passes soon and the pain is more controlled. I want my life back a bit more.

It is supposed to be 28 degrees out this AM, like winter. It will be another battle to get Sofie to wear her winter jacket. She is still resisting, saying she gets sweaty. But I don't want her to freeze her little tailbone off.

OK, I had better get in gear and get into the shower. It will be interesting to see how this day emerges.

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