Monday, October 01, 2007

Another Monday

And here I am at work, trying to make my time left here at the Library work. I have been busy sending emails mostly and plotting out a few things, but I am also aware of how uncomfortable I am.

My belly woke me up about 6 AM today, in quite a bit of distress. I took a Vicodin (amazingly, I take them without much fuss these days, a huge change from a few weeks back). Then I lay down for 20 minutes to see if the pain would cease. I put the hot pad on my belly, which makes me feel better, even if it really doesn't do anything.

So here I am, not feeling 100% by a long shot, but glad I am here. Tomorrow I go to chemo again, I already did the labs. All part of the goofy routine. It is already nearly 2 PM and I am beginning to feel sleepy, in need of that afternoon nap.

I don't know how people live with chronic pain, I really don't. It is the most distracting thing. and I am not very good at this. But I am trying to push through a bit more. And the Vicodin seems to go right to the pain and not too much to my brain, so I feel a little better taking it when I know I have to drive on it later on.

Jamie arrived home last night from her retreat and basically took over Sofie at the junction of supper on the table. So I was able to lay down, which I really needed to do, and just vegetate. I was one tired person.

The Reiki workshop from Saturday was great for me, I abandoned my inhibitions about touch on my belly and just plunged in. I was afraid I would be too needy (needing the Reiki but not so able to give it as well) but it seemed to work both ways. I left there feeling pretty energized, considering that I was there for nearly 8 hours.

I have a somewhat busy week planned, so I am actually glad that I have chemo tomorrow, to slow me down at least one day. What kind of person looks forward to chemo as a method of relaxation?


Maria said...

Debra, Sending you positive and healing energy and all the mental and physical strength I can possibly generate. I'm so impressed by your openness, your grace, your strength, and your sense of humor! You're awesome!
Lots of love to you and Sofie,

Alanna Kennedy said...

Hi Debra,
My name is Alanna Kennedy and I write for a magazine for cancer patients, survivors and their family called "CR" ( I have a regular column where I feature the blog of someone with cancer. I'd like to use an excerpt from your blog and do a brief interview if you're interested. We pay $200 for the use of a blog excerpt. My e-mail address is and my phone number is 267-646-0551. I look forward to hearing from you.