Saturday, September 01, 2007

A Brief Saturday Morning Blogette

Sofie is playing happily in her room for the past half hour as I check e-mail, banking, the usual. Today is the beginning of a three day weekend, and fortunately, I got it together as of yesterday to organize the time a bit, so that we had a few plans. Today we will have a swim date with Jacob and Emma, at the condo pool, and then do the traditional pilgrimage to Fuddruckers. I am so over that place, but the kids never tire of it, it isn't that expensive, and they have fun.

Tomorrow, we have a date to go to the Museum of Life and Science with Natasha, a little girl that Sofie ran into last week (at Fuddruckers) with who she went to summer day camp this past summer. They exchanged big hugs like long lost friends and chatted as if they were teenagers. The parents introduced ourselves, exchanged cell numbers and said "let's do a playdate". Sometimes this leads to nada, but after seeing how the girls were interacting, I decided to be proactive and called yesterday. Luckily they were free to play on Sunday. Sofie will do that for a few hours, then Jamie will take her to yet another kid's house, so she should be exhausted this night for certain.

Her little social network is expanding, there are few times lately when we are in the grocery store, a family friendly restaurant, the movies that she doesn't run into a kid from school, from one of the camps, from the YMCA or somewhere. Her network is growing, I imagine that in a few years she will be texting these kids all over the place.

My world expands as hers does, and that is good too. But she is clearly in the lead!

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