Sunday, September 02, 2007

September Sunday Morning

Tried to read some of the NY Times, but no time, not really. We have to get going we have a play date at the Museum of Life and Science at noon.

Forgot to mention something small but important the other day: I am finally off the injectable blood thinners! This took over 8 months to get to the point where the doctor said OK to trying the coumadin pill, which is one time at bedtime, easy as pie. I am so happy to stop injecting myself. Not that I wasn't good at it, I was just tired of being a pin cushion.

The temperatures are in the 80's today, lovely. Something about the onset of fall, September, really not quite fall here, but the promise of it all. I love this time of the year. Not so relentlessly hot, not so humid and muggy, and perhaps it might rain soon. A nice thunderstorm would be great.

Sofie ate a hearty breakfast this AM, and is happily watching Scooby Doo while I blog, shower and get out the door. We have a nice day planned, she has not one but two play dates and I might have a few "free" hours in the late afternoon. Oh joy.

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