Friday, April 27, 2007


A few days ago, in a less than 24 hour period, two people (or maybe three, I could be blocking) assumed or asked if I were Sofie's grandma. That did it. I headed yesterday for the hair place, to get "recolored". I know I am a 55 year old Mama, and I should be feeling lucky I have hair, but I was over the granny bit. I will still get that occasionally, but this was feeling constant and a blow to my ego.

I am feeling pretty good the past couple of days since the rescheduled treatment. I am taking the magic bullet drug Emend plus Marionol, (pot in a pill). Being a pragmatic gal, I also am taking good care of myself, mostly. I was concerned that my blood pressure had been running a bit high in the various clinics of late (although it is always nice and lowered after a chemo/blood transfusion treatment, no idea why that happens). I scheduled time for a short consultation visit with my Primary Care doctor, the wonderful Dr. Marum. I brought my little pharmacy with me, since I can no longer recite all the names and dosages of the various drugs. After discussion, we are going to try to increase one of the BP drugs a bit to see if that works to bring the pressure down a tiny bit.

The other thing we discussed is how the steroids give me the munchies and at all times of the night. She laughed and reminded me it could be the Marinol too, since that is like smoking pot. So that explains my recent cravings for Tostitos and salsa dip at midnight, two nights running.

I have to remember that I should not be eating as if I were eight months pregnant. These cravings have been funny. Mostly for salty stuff, but sometimes for cereal in the middle of the night or early AM.

More on the ongoing saga soon. I am mostly feeling well this week and that is great.

I will try being back to work for a few days next week, on my "Off" week! That seems to work.

I am off to get a massage from the wonderful Tracey Moon. I look forward to these like you would not believe!!

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