Monday, April 09, 2007

Fluidly Speaking

This won't yet summarize the visit with Robin (I guess I will get there, when I get there). But it will wrap up a bit on the saga of the misery of last week.

So Nancy (Frank) and her daughter Rosalie arrived Saturday PM. Pretty much all day Sunday I was absolutely miserable, in bed, running only to and from the bathroom. Could not stop the problems, no matter what. The nausea got a bit better, thanks to Marinol. Yep, I am legally swallowing pot every six hours, friends. I have never been a big pot person, actually I fake smoked it in college, but it seems to work the best right now, so Marinol it is.

Anyway, mid-day Sunday, I broke down, paged the resident on call for my area (fortunately someone I know well who knows me) and begged for relief. It came in a large jar, a powdery substance that I had to choke down, mixed with water, in small sips (took about a half hour to an hour, with my little sipping method). It helped. Nancy clocked me, first 30 minutes, then 45, then a full hour, no bathroom run. All the way until 12:45 AM, then one and I was OK. That was something like nearly five hours, a record for the past 24.

All this not eating has had an effect. Nancy wouldn't let me pack the jeans I wore to the airport. I had not really noticed, but the jeans (already "Mom Jeans" at their worst) were totally bagging in the legs and most especially, the butt. I found a pair that is a bit better. This is the fun part (really, the only fun part) of being nauseous and all that.

Anyway, I digress.

I finally let myself sleep Sunday PM around 2 AM. Woke at 7 today, feeling dehydrated, but better. I had labs at nine AM, so off to Duke I went, and then stopped in to see my nurse, Teri, who is really the primary connection to the Gyne-Onc Clinic on a regular basis. She had been off work on vacation all last week, or I would have called her earlier. Upon seeing me (I had to be wheeled from the labs to the clinic in a wheelchair, I was that light-headed, never mind that I drove to the hospital myself). Anyway, Teri's comment was "You look as weak as a kitten" and I could not argue that!

I was dispatched to the treatment center for re-hydration, both Potassium and Sodium Chloride. Halfway through I started to feel better. I got back home around 1:30, feeling like a different person. Nancy made me eat a few crackers and I had a little croissant Rosie had baked. Then off for a short nap (I also had the anti-nausea drug and something else that had made me a bit sleepy) and when I woke up, I felt terrific. We got in the car (Nancy drove) and visited Chapel Hill, UNC campus, just a little drive about. Then got the girls some Starbucks (frappacinos and kids hot chocolate with a lot of whipped cream). Then home where (drum roll, please), I had a light pasta (plain) dinner with a tiny bit of ground chicken. No sauce, no need to scare my insides with anything acidic, but it was great. I won't say I ate tons, but it was better than anything I had done for days. I am close to the three hour post eating mark, a good sign. So I am going upstairs, packing up the suitcase (trying to travel pretty light) and going to bed, we have a big day tomorrow.

Nancy, as my Mom was the week before, has been a saving grace through all this. I cannot bathe the kid, or do much, when I am that sick. I would rather not be that sick, but I guess this treatment option is making it so, not in a good way. So I am having to rely on friends and family to be the safety net, the help that I need to kind of hold it together. I am one lucky woman that it worked so well, the last couple of weeks.

The kids are excited. I am excited. I hope this works out well, I really do. We will make it so, but if you are sending energy, or prayers, send a lot to EST Tuesday from 9:30 AM (when we leave) through late Friday. And we should be fine!!!

Fluids. They sure are all they are cracked up to be, you know. And when you cannot keep them in, you really feel it. I am so grateful for the ending of this chapter, even if just for a week or so. Hopefully, next time, we will intervene earlier, and if it happens again, figure out another plan.

PS: If you haven't checked Jamie's blog lately, do so, there is a cute photo of Sofie and a friend on a firetruck.

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cazsh said...

Debra - I caught up with JAmie this morning on IM. I am glad to hear that you and Sofie are at Disneyworld - and that you are well enough to do that. I have been reading some of your blog. OMG you two (3) are incredible. I don't know how you have done it! much love from Ladi and Carol - (PS. Ladi is in Nursing school, ya know? 1 more year :) she is working so hard. take care. kisses for everyone.