Thursday, April 19, 2007


Today, April 19th, is the fifth anniversary of Sofia's homecoming, her arrival from Ukraine to the US and her forever family. Since the very first year, I have made a big deal of this date, although she has not seemed to care all that much. So this year, she knows, and seems more interested and we are all three of us, celebrating with cake or cupcakes later this PM, after her haircut appointment, which is much later than I had hoped, but all they had with her stylist. And she has a great person who does her little cuts, so vain mom that I am, I agreed to the late appointment.

To commemorate this event, we are also donating the flowers to ERUUF on Sunday and will have a brief opportunity to share this news with others. The flowers are being done in blues and yellows, the colors of the Ukrainian flag, and will have her flags (both US and Ukraine) in the flowers. It might mean nothing to her, but it means a lot to me.

I cannot believe that it has truly been five years since that rosy cheeked little toddler came into my life and changed it in so many ways. I cannot imagine my life without her, despite the challenges that parenting presents sometimes. But I love her dearly and I think I have become a better person for having her in my life. And she is so tender and sweet about the cancer and treatments, always trying to help me in her little kid ways. There is a sweetness there inside her that is 100 per cent her, nothing I could have instilled. It comes from within her little soul and I think that is another reason we were meant to be together.

Our little family may be a tad unusual (separated or divorced moms, both dealing with cancer, but parenting her with love together and separately too). She knows she is loved. And that is the most important thing. Now, if I could just teach her about charity. She doesn't like to give up her money for any reason other than buying things she wants. And that doesn't sit well with this mom, who is all about giving back. It will be a slow lesson, but I am confident she will get there.

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