Saturday, April 21, 2007

Feeling Puffy

Those darn steroids are being steroidal. I am moon faced, puffy footed and feeling bloated. But there is no rash, which is good, and why I am taking the little buggers in the first place. But I am not enthralled with the moon face look. And I keep feeling ravenous, wanting weird foods in the middle of the night (while the steroids are keeping me awake for extra hours). Not a good idea.

I finally today put my contacts in for the first time since January! I have come to like my glasses, but going in a few minutes to a "grown up" cocktail party, so it seemed more festive this way.

Sofie has a sleepover (right now, she and her friend Taylin and her moms are at the Durham Bulls, where Scooby Doo himself was to make an appearance. Both girls love Scooby, so that was the draw). Baseball, well, that is the background. There are play structures, slides and hotdogs to deal with.

So tonight, I am a grown up. Too bad I am also kind of tired, did errands today with Sofie, and at her insistence, got the cats a new "kitty condo" play structure. In leopard. The other ones, plain beige carpeting on the structures, looked so boring. This is hardly boring. The cats seemed interested, if a bit reserved. But I think it will be a hit.

So I am just writing briefly to say things are mostly going fine this week, Jamie has been watching over me, but I have been quite functional. So I am off in "party clothes" to enjoy cocktails with Tracey and Sharon and their friends, in a pre-wedding (next month is their ceremony) bash. I hope I remember how to do this, it has been a while since I have been to a party where there was not ice cream, cake and birthday candles.

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