Saturday, December 15, 2007

Home Again

This is a quick blog, since I cannot seem to get comfortable downstairs, not quite. Barbara has been here for a few days and has been a whirlwind of activity! I came downstairs this am and all I could say was "Holy Shit". The floor of the office, once completely covered with "stuff" is a carpet again. Stuff is neatly arranged in boxes and bags. When Dave comes in January, we will have a much easier time together, tossing out my life's work.

So, I have a hospital bed, a tank of O2 and we are attempting to find positions that feel somewhat comfortable. The tumors are not helping. They are sore and painful and get in the way of sleep. Plus I am trying hard to drink a lot of fluids to avoid re hospitalization and trying to stay hydrated.

Todays plan includes a visit from a work friend to go through my closet and "shop". I would love her to have some of my winter jackets and things. So I hope things fit.

S-L-O-W. I have had to crank it down a lot. I don't have energy to spare, even when I sleep for hours. And sleep I do, although frequently interrupted. But I am trying to do all the things I am supposed to do.

Oh, and the cat is now out of the bag.....a group of you (unknown to me, but headed up by Rick Crane) sent the cutest Dell laptop, which should make blogging easier, as soon as I get more adept on the laptop....I have always resisted....I am an old fart, I guess.



Anonymous said...

Glad to see you were able to blog - the laptop should help greatly... Rest, Debra!!!!

Sending love and strength,


claritycoaching said...

sending you love and reiki, would like to come and offer reiki in person if you're up for it, plus gnorman wants to come visit!
susan s

Deborah said...

Thinking of you and will add you to my healing prayers this Shabbat for a refuah shlema, a healing of soul. I am sorry to just now be discovering your news. You are in my heart and thoughts. Love, Deborah

Susan K said...

Read Jamie's blog entry about "the" talk with Sofie. Yes, very stupid cancer!
Wishing you all comfort and no pain,
Susan K