Saturday, December 01, 2007

Thanksgiving Closure

So I kind of dropped the ball last week mid-holiday. But for a good reason. The day after Thanksgiving was the big water park day. There is a place Coco Keys, in the Sheraton locally. A huge complete water park as if it were outside. But it is inside, where the air is balmy (in the 80's) for those of us not into the water. That would be me. But David, his older kids and Sofie spent three hours there splashing, sliding, tubing, etc. Now you would think, my sitting around there would not be so taxing, but no. After 3.5 hours (it took time to gather everyone up and dress them, etc), my head was pounding, I felt depleted and needed a mega nap! Which I did get the next day, because I just could not get out of bed. I was hit again by the big Kahuna of fatigue. So Saturday I slept all day (really) and just got up for an attempt at dinner. My daughter had fun playing all day with her cousin Jackie and their mutual love for animals carried them through. I however, was toast. And unfortunately, that carried through to Sunday, our travel day home. I got us packed, which was pretty easy, since for once I had not over packed us. And we got on our mid-AM plane pretty much without incident. Jamie got us and took one look at me and realized I was still gone, needing rest. So rest I did, all day Sunday and into Monday after taking her to school.

A big shout-out to my sister in law and brother and their three great kids for making this a wonderful Thanksgiving, despite the fatigue. Sofie had a total blast and I had a couple of good days. Cannot complain!!

Fatigue like this just sucks. I was told to expect about four weeks of it, post radiation, but it totally sucks. I cannot parent, I lose all appetite, I don't even drink enough. Bed is the only thing that matters. I hate it and I hate that I need so much help, but I do.

More later, I can see where this is going and it ain't pretty!

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