Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Sofie's Basketball Debut

Proud mom that I am, I had to share these photos. Last week was Morehead School Spirit Week, with a grand finale on Friday - a basketball game between the teachers and the kids. Sofie got picked from her class. Not based on any basketball phenom stuff, she just got picked. But it was a big deal for the kids. First, you have to put in all in context, so here is the line up for School Spirit Week:

Monday, red/white and blue day
Tuesday, mismatched shoe day (she wore two different rainboots)
Wednesday, Wacky Wear Day (she wore shorts on top of her pants and shirts layered)
Thursday, Team Jersey Day (wearing the orange shirt of the Dutch Futbol Team from the World Cup, betcha that was classy for a first grader!)
Friday, School T-shirt day concluded with the students vs. the teachers basketball game.

She had practiced all week. Never mind that she is wearing the wrong shoes, she has all the right moves and got a sports injury (her first) to boot! Recored in the photos.

Jamie was able to actually go and watch, I was doing my last day at work before having the gallbladder surgery yesterday, so these are Jamie’s photos. Sometimes I really miss these once in a lifetime mother moments.

Enjoy. She is not that good at making shots yet, but she is very enthusiastic. The kids won, by the way. Yeah, right. And the elves brought some of her gifts to Durham early since Santa knew she was traveling. It is lovely to believe in all that.


For more on her Santa experience, read Jamie's blog entry:


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