Thursday, April 27, 2006

Chemo is NOT a walk in the park (Originally written 4/16/2006)

Just wanted to quickly update all of you on the days following chemo number
one....Friday was fine, no signs of appetite supression, grazed all day and
into the PM. Played a re-match of Scrabble with Mom and bested her by 38
points....watched movie and had slight sense of "stuff" going through
my body, tingles, nothing much.

Saturday was fine, totally normal. Ah ha! I thought, I am going to sail
through this. Lost Scrabble, but only by one point. Very tired, but it was
11 PM....

Sunday...OUCH! Leg and joint pain, feel like old person (Keep snide
comments to yourselves, girls....) Took super Ibuprofen. Still hurts but
planning walk and hot bathing seems to help a bit. Otherwise, fine.

Sofie looked for and found all her hidden eggs this am. Then we made
pancakes. How very Easter-y.

More later, I am sure there will be more.....ow, my legs feel like I was
kicked hard in a fight...

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